Paper Submission

Paper Submission Instructions

Only authors who have received abstract acceptance notifications can submit papers for the Conference proceedings. All authors who are attending the symposium are required to pay registration fees. You must have a participation registration number for the Conference to submit your paper.
Your completed full paper (WORD) and signed and scanned electronic “Copyright Release Form” (PDF) are to be uploaded to the abstract submission site. The paper submission deadline is Wednesday, June 5, 2024.

In order to ensure your paper is formatted correctly, please follow the “Instructions for Paper Preparation” and use the “Sample Tech Paper Presentation Template”.

Instructions for Paper Preparation Sample Tech Paper Presentation Template (WORD) Copyright Release Form (PDF)

If your paper must go through any kind of clearance process before it can be released to the public, please begin the process immediately to ensure you will be able to present your paper at the conference and be included in the published proceedings.

Please note that only authors who attends an assigned IFIS2024 session will have their papers published in the conference proceedings. In case you become unable to attend the conference, please find an alternate presenter on your behalf. If your paper must be withdrawn, please immediately notify the IFIS 2024 Organizing Secretariat.

For inquiries, please contact:
IFIS 2024 Organizing Secretariat (Presentation)