Call for Presentation Schedule

15 February 2024 : Abstract submission close
20 March 2024 : Notification of paper acceptance / Paper submission start
5 June 2024 : Paper submission close

Presentation Topics

Please choose a topic from the below list for your IFIS2024 presentation. The session for your presentation will be determined based on the topic you choose.
Your presentation shall be limited to technical content. If you plan on including commercial content, please email the IFIS2024 Organizing Secretariat at ifis2024-abs@congre.co.jp.Your presentation paper will be rejected if it contains commercial content without prior approval, even if you receive a notification that your paper has been accepted.

  • Safety Management (safety operation, SMS and CRM)
  • Related to Revisions of International Standards for Flight Inspections (ICAO annex10, Doc 8071, Doc9906)
  • Flight Inspection Technology (latest in equipment technology)
  • Flight Inspection Using UAV
  • Flight Inspection Measurement Technology
  • Flight Validation
  • New Technology for Navigation Systems and Upgrades to Flight Inspection Aircraft
  • Radio Communication Failure (RFI: Radio Frequency Interference)
  • Flight Inspection of PBN, GBAS
  • Training
  • (others)

Abstract Submission Instructions

Please submit your abstract through the submission site below. Abstracts should be no more than 200 words and written in English. Once you submit your abstract through the site, you will receive a confirmation email. You can access the site (with your ID and Password created during your submission) to modify your abstract up until the submission closing date.If you need a technical assistance, please email the IFIS2024 Organizing Secretariat at ifis2024-abs@congre.co.jp.


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Paper Submission Instructions

Only authors who have received paper acceptance notifications can submit papers for the Conference proceedings through the submission site. You must have a participation registration number for the Conference to submit your paper. Detailed instructions and formats will be notified in due course.

For inquiries, please contact:
IFIS 2024 Organizing Secretariat (Presentation)